From Tampons to Menstrual Cups: A Guide to Period Products

From Tampons to Menstrual Cups: A Guide to Period Products

Over 300 million people experience their period every day in the world. While the majority of the multibillion-dollar global market is made up of reusable items like cups and pads and conventional disposable period products like tampons and pads, disposable period panties are starting to acquire greater attention.

Choosing the best period product frequently begins with interest, but it can also occasionally be accompanied by perplexity. It can be extremely overwhelming for people who have just started their menstrual journey to choose from a wide variety of products, each with its benefits and characteristics.

Every period product that you consider, whether you buy tampons online, choose pads that give you the maximum absorption feature, or even get the best menstrual cup in India, and period underwear, everything requires some testing. It's a process of learning about oneself.

Moreover, we’ll discuss the basics of products that are less talked about. Tampons and Menstrual cups. Keep reading to know how to choose what’s ultimately right for you.

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What Are Tampons And How To Use Them?

While women all around the world had been using tampons for hundreds of years, Dr. Earle Haas developed the first modern tampon in 1931. 

The tiny cotton plugs known as tampons are designed to fit inside your vagina and collect menstrual blood. Some tampons include an applicator to make inserting the tampon easier. Tampons may be removed quickly because of the string that is tied to the end of each one.

Evereve Tampons are created from fibres that are safe for your sensitive body parts and the environment, and they are dermatologist-certified, FDA and FSC-approved. They are practical and simple to carry, use, and discard.


What Is the Function and Application of Menstrual Cups?

Menstrual cups are little bell- or bowl-shaped items made of soft plastic, silicone, or rubber. The cup is worn into the vagina and is used to collect menstrual blood. Most cups are reusable; you simply empty them as needed, wash them, and then use them again. Other menstruation cups are thrown away after one usage or one-period cycle because they are disposable.

Evereve brings the best menstrual cups in India for women. These extra-soft menstruation cups provide long-lasting protection and guarantee that there will be no itchiness, period odour, rashes, itching, or dryness.


How To Use Evereve Period Panties?

Evereve Period Panties are designed in such a way that they may easily provide you with protection for up to 12 hours. You can use them overnight to lock nighttime blood flow, or you can use them throughout the day when you're busy with your daily tasks and need full coverage. You can wear them like your regular underwear and feel the soft cotton texture to keep you comfortable all day and all night.

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Final Thoughts

During your period, it's normal to use different products at different times, such as tampons during the day and pads at night. You can also wear period underwear, a pad, or a pantyliner (a thin pad) while using a tampon or cup, for backup protection in case of leakage. Evereve is a revolutionary brand with several new period solutions, period cramps relief products as well and intimate hygiene products to help dissipate menstrual problems on the go.

It's time to recognize the variety of menstrual hygiene options available and provide women with the flexibility to select the option that best meets their needs.

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